Who we are:

Trinity Community Preschool is one of the many ministries of Trinity Evangelical Free Church. Incorporated into the curriculum are child appropriate Bible stories and basic Judeo-Christian values. Trinity Community Preschool has been in operation for 30 years and is licensed by the State of Ct. The Preschool is a member of the Association for Christian Schools International, (ACSI).
Trinity Community Preschool uses Connecticut's Curriculum Framework and Benchmarks for Early Childhood Programs, along with The Creative Curriculum for planning and assessment purposes.

Trinity Community Preschool exists;

  • To provide a nurturing, faith-based community of learning in which young children can grow in all areas of development.
  • To provide opportunities for young children to gain knowledge and understanding about God, His love and His work through people and the world around us.
  • To provide support that compliments and strengthens positive parental roles.
  • To instill in young children a strong sense of belonging, trust, autonomy and initiative as the developmental foundation for school readiness and future success.

Our program offers;

  • Exploration of the environment with hands-on learning.
  • Balance of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities.
  • Individual, small group and large group activities.
  • Regular and supportive interaction with teachers and peers.
  • Opportunities for fine and gross motor skill development, active movement and quiet activities.
  • Quality staff: College educated, degreed and experienced teachers who will love your child.
  • Consistent schedules and routines with allowance for flexibility in the classroom and recognition of each child as a unique creation.
  • Opportunities for parent participation, along with fun family field trips and social events.

Classes, days and hours of operation;

  • Children must turn 1,2,3,4 or 5 years of age by January 1st for their age appropriate class.
  • One year-old class: Monday/Friday, 9:00-11:30
  • Two year-old class: Tuesday/Thursday, 9:00-11:30 (1:00 option)
  • Three year-old class: Tuesday/Thursday, 9:00-11:30 (1:00 option)
  • Three year-old class: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9:00-11:30 (1:00 option)
  • Four year-old class: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9:00-1:00 (3:00 option)
  • Four year-old class: Monday - Friday, 9:00-1:00 (3:00 option)
  • Five year-old class: Monday - Friday, 9:00-1:00 (3:00 option)
    Our class for five year olds is for children old enough to attend Kindergarten but who will benefit developmentally from another year to mature in a low-key environment which takes time to focus on the academics, self-regulation and self-help skills needed for Kindergarten.

See the preschool calendar for additional school year scheduling.

Photo of SharonDirector
Sharon Culbertson
(203) 387-4710, ext. 25

Director's degrees, certifications, memberships and experience;

  • AS degree in Early Childhood Development
  • BS degree in Early Childhood Studies
  • State of Ct. Head Teacher Certification for children aged 0-5 yrs.
  • CT Child Care Certification
  • State of CT Director Credential for Administrators of Early Childhood Educational Programs
  • Pediatric CPR, First Aid, Administration of Meds and Epi-pen certified
  • Member: National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Member: International Association for Christian Early Educators
  • Member: CT Child Care Association
  • 25 years experience teaching young children
  • 14 years as the Director

Registration for the Fall begins in January for returning students and siblings and opens to the public in February. Registration remains on-going until full enrollment for each class. Please contact the Director by phone or email for more specific information, tuition rates or to schedule a visit.

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